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for Work Comp and Auto Injuries

Pain Relief Products Without Leaving Your Home At No Cost

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2. A short telehealth consult with our doc via smartphone/home computer.

3.  Pain relief product arrives at your door!

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Pain relief products, tens units, and braces a call and click away

DirecTENS (accredited  TENS unit and DME supplier) is the first to offer a wide range of innovative products via telemedicine/telehealth for work comp and auto patients, delivered to patients.  Some of our relief products include pain relief TENS Unit, Muscle Stimulator therapy, conductive garments, low back supports, orthotic braces and more. Whether its back pain, neck pain, or even shoulder pain, we can help at no cost!

Pain Relief Tens Unit Products and Braces at a click to stimulate and heal


 Home pain relief Tens unit products in stock and ready for immediate shipment directly to your home after a telemed/telehealth consult with our doctor.  The short consult is done using your smartphone or home computer.  You don’t even have to leave your couch!


Home pain relief Tens unit products in stock and ready for immediate shipment directly to your home in 3 EASY STEPS.


Our licensed and accredited facility provides high end, FDA approved, clinical devices used by 100’s of 1000’s of health professionals and patients worldwide.


Our at home products will compliment your current treatment, mitigate symptoms, and speed your overall recovery time.


Step #1

Call Us! (866)-691-0411

Step #1

One of our healthcare associates will ask you a few questions about your injury SAVE TIME by completing PATIENT FORMS

Step #2

Complete a short phone consult with a Directens doctor

Step #2

Our doctor will review your info, answer your questions, and determine which pain relief product is best for you

Step #3

The doctor prescribed pain relief product will be shipped directly to your door!!

Step #3

Enjoy a less painful day with a Directens back brace, TENS unit, Infrared pad, or traction device!  You deserve it!!

Innovative Solutions For Complex Work and Auto Injuries

Some Words From Our Clients

“I was very pleased with the service and care. The customer service was fabulous! I’d recommend them to anyone.”
Mrs. S
Mr. S stated, “The team member I dealt with was phenomenal. She gave me a clear understanding on how to use my TENS unit and LSO.”
Mr. J
“After filling out the easy online forms, I received my TENS unit in a few days. I use the unit everyday and it has made a big difference.”
Mr. L

Pain relief for back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain almost anywhere.

The Right Home Pain Solution, A Call Away!

Disclaimer: Directens does not claim to cure any injury/disease/condition. Directens cannot guarantee improvement of symptoms or complaint(s). Results from Directens prescriptions (s) may vary.